Trac King Clutch Packs. Exclusively from APE.

These clutch kits are designed for the most severe race track abuse. Whether you run a nitrous or turbo pro street drag bike, Radical race car, or just a hot rod streetbike, this is the best clutch available. Absolutely the best for hand clutch, single and multi stage lock ups, or sliders. All of you racers that say that the oem clutch works the best in your bike, you owe it to yourself to try a Trac King. You will never go back to oem, or any other brand.  Kits contain all frictions and steels, with pack height set.

Part numbers with "FO" indicate "Fiber Only" kits, no steel plates.

TKC1300GSX  Hayabusas 2002 thru 2020     $220.28

TKC1300GSX-FO - $167.90

TKC1300GSX-99 Hayabusa 1999-2001 $241.57

TKC1300-HaysLU For use with Hays Lockup Clutch $189.45

TKC1300-HaysSLR For use with Hays/MTC slider clutch $204.85

TKC1300-ROCK - For use with MTC Gen2 slider and Rock Solid clutches. 1.717" stack - $204.85

MTC Lockup uses std clutch pack.


"I picked up big time with my APE Trac King clutches!! 1.33s 60 ft times :) I will be using these from now on! Thanks APE!!"
Crystal Dickerson Racing
"I started my season with the APE Trac King clutch, steels and fibers and immediatly my 60' time improved by .05 . I was using the stock clutch pac for my 08 Hayabusa and the 60' times where 1.62/1.60. Now 60' time are down to 1.57/1.55, my et's are more consistant, and we also won our 1st race using Trac King clutches. When the time comes for a new clutch I will be using Trac King."
Henry Charyk
"After several frustrating issues with the clutch on Ben Knight's Busa, we switched over to Trac King clutches. The immediate improvement carried me to a 3rd place finish in Street ET and 1/4 finals in Streetfighter at the Thunder Valley Dragbike Shootout. Super consistent 60' times never varied by more than .010!!! Thanks!"
Darren Burnett - Psychobike forums



The oem clutch basket casting is a very weak link in the Hayabusa. It can break, which can cause extensive engine damage.

APE solves this with our exclusive Trac King Super Pro Forged clutch basket assembly. We take the Suzuki clutch basket assembly and completely rebuild it for the most extreme performance use. We discard the weak Suzuki basket and add out forged billet unit.

Another special exclusive APE feature is the use of the internal steel spring seat, that prevents the springs in the gear from gouging into the aluminum basket.

The oem clutch basket uses a heat treated steel plate to prevent the springs from contacting the aluminum basket. Other heavy duty clutch baskets discard this steel plate and have the springs riding directly on the aluminum basket. The photo shows what happens after some use. The springs dig into the basket and the entire assembly gets loose.

The APE Trac King super Pro clutch basket assembly is designed to incorporate the steel plate so THE SPRINGS NEVER MAKE CONTACT WITH THE ALUMINUM BASKET, and wear is dramatically reduced.  

APE developed this special feature for our clutch basket assemblies used in Busa powered race cars which punish the clutch assembly much more than motorcycle use. This is standard in every Super Pro clutch basket assembly and only from APE.

#BBA1300-2 (Exchange) $499.00
#BBA1300-2OR (Outright) $699.00 -

This is what happens on basket assemblies where the springs ride directly on the aluminum basket.

OEM basket shown with steel plate

APE forged basket machined to accept steel plate


APE has made a major upgrade to their quick access clutch cover for the Hayabusa. With the billet lid and larger opening, it now works with The Hayes clutch as well as others. The Hayes hat can be removed just by removing the lid on the APE cover.

Designed to allow complete access to the clutch without having to remove the entire cover. Simply remove six allen screws and remove the o'ringed outer cover. Replace clutch pack, adjust lockup, etc. No more oil spills in your pit area. OEM oil sight glass just like the stock cover. CNC machined for perfect fit.

#QCC1300GSX $369.95  -



APE offers the strongest clutch springs available for the Hayabusa.
Originally designed for the tremendous loads of Hayabusa-powered race cars, they are the answer for clutch slippage in big bore/stroker motors as well as turbo or nitrous applications.
They come as a complete kit ready to install and are available direct from APE.

Hayabusa 1999-2007
#HDCS1300GSX (1999-2007)  Racer  $49.95

Hayabusa 2008-2020
These springs are 40 lbs stronger than OEM springs.
#HDCS1300-08 (2008-2020)  Racer  $29.95




The billet inner hub completely replaces the oem hub and eliminated the back torque limiter. This modification is a must for all Hayabusas that are drag raced on the track or street. Fast starts are much easier with this modifications. Bolt in, no machining required.

#BIH1300GSX - $415.00 -


This one piece clutch cam is a direct bolt in replacement for the OEM two piece unit. This part eliminates the "back torque limiter" which makes the clutch chatter when subjected to rapid take offs. This part is a must for Hayabusas that are drag raced, or subjected to heavy duty street riding. Clutch feel is vastly improved.
With the one piece cam installed, the bike no longer has the back torque limiter and it is possible to lock up the rear wheel when down shifting. This is a race part and care must be taken. Comes with installation instructions.

Outright, no exchange or core required
Part# CF1300GSX - $219.00



The clutch cover support from hayabusazone is designed to give maximum support to the clutch slave cylinder cover. The thin cover casting can crack when heavier clutch springs are installed.

Our support bracket is a direct bolt on and eliminates the flex that cracks the cover. This support offers less cover flex than any other support available.

Strong enough even for APE Super springs Above).

#CCS1300 $82.50 (order this part online!)


The two stage clutch is your basic lock up. First stage for first half of the track, and the second stage for the top end.  Both stages are fully adjustable to get just the exact performance that you need. 

Includes hardened steel buttons in the customer supplied pressure plate.

#SFLH-500 - $682.85 (With customer-supplied pressure plate)

#SFLH-500-OR - $882.85 (With APE-supplied pressure plate - Below)

Must be used with QCC1300GSX Quick access clutch cover. (Above)

Must be used with billet inner hub #BIH1300GSX (Above)


The MTC signature slider clutch will lower your reaction times, lower your E.T. and increase your M.P.H.

Comes as a complete assembly including forged aluminum clutch basket and forged slider plate assembly.

#SCC-GSS104 - $1286.70 (Core reqd. Outer basket w gear)

Must be used with QCC1300GSX Quick access clutch cover. (Above)

Must be used with billet inner hub #BIH1300GSX (Above)


Modified pressure plate. The prices of the lockup clutches include the modification to the pressure plate where hardened buttons are installed for the lockup fingers to press on.

Install Hardened Buttons on Customer Supplied Pressure Plate
#LC810 - $75.00

Pressure plates are available outright for an additional charge of $48.50. We do not do core / refunds.


MTC Engineering is proud to announce the release of its new lock up clutch. The new clutch called the "Gen II Multistage Clutch" This clutch significantly reduces clutch lever efforts and yet improves clutch adjustability through its "multistage" technology. The new design runs on engine RPM, and demonstrates a quicker reaction time and more repeatability between passes. The new design also allows for easier dynamic spring replacement with its quick access cover plate over the springs. Call for info.

#GMS-HYB500 - $2261.30 (Core reqd. Outer basket w gear.)

#GMS-HYB500-NC - $2421.00 (Outright, no core required.)

Must be used with billet inner hub #BIH1300GSX (Below)